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About Chromatic

Design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
Chromatic Smart Lifestyle Communities real-world economic developments to provide elevated lifestyles that embrace the new world live/work/play balance. Our next level amenities are built over time to correspond with the size and economic value of the projects, as well as adapt to emerging technologies designed to enhance life’s luxuries.
Always at the forefront of innovation, Chromatic's focus is on constantly improving on designs and development concepts, getting inspiration from all over the world. It is our belief that the community should be built around the individual rather than the individual adapting to the community.

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Crystal blue waterways winding through modern living spaces, offering waterfront living opportunities of all variations.

Crystal Lagoons
Waterfront Residences

Coming Soon

Lush greens embracing natural topography & nestled among picturesque majestic backdrops, including the likes of Zion National park

Elite Golf courses
Golf course residences

Coming Soon

Tame the nation's best inland waves currently available and ride the longest ride in the country at every whim

On-Site Surf park
Surf Park Residences

Chromatic Services

The community should be built around the individual, rather than the individual adapting to the community.

Chromatic Smart Lifestyle Communities creates entire communities in order to truly embrace the work/live/play modern living shift. Our developments are built over time with long term stability as our foundational concept in order to foster healthy work/live balance as well sustainable growth.
As we look for ideal locations, we search for prime locations that allow us more space in order to properly address all the needs of a community, and more importantly, the individual. This business model affords us the luxury of building exactly what you’re looking for.

Remote work isn’t the future of work – it’s the present.

Owl Labs
With intelligently planned and placed technology, Chromatic Smart Lifestyle Communities developments rearrange the building blocks of life, allowing residents to simplify and focus on more important priorities. Our carefully architected communities streamline operations for the individual as well as for the development itself with our work/live/play approach.
From smart home automation, to integrated community systems, to networking and Internet of Things (IoT), Chromatic embodies environments that embrace modern advancements, while at the same time allow us to adapt to future tech. Our approach is to be at the forefront as a community for the benefit of our owners.

Creativity is thinking of new things. Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. At Chromatic, we don’t do “same”. We scour the world for the best ideas, most innovative concepts, and the most successful amenties and models, and make them better. We work closely with municipalities to ensure our developments benefit the environment and the community, and we find ways to go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of everything around us.
Our team of developers and designers are world renown innovators on all fronts, from technology, to engineering to infrastructure. It’s our belief that collaboration starts from the ground up, and includes every facet of the entire community. Because we come together and plan inclusively, we provide solutions long before they’re needed, and that’s the Chromatic difference.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett
Chromatic Resorts utilizes creative methods for financing that maximize our ability to invest now and in the future. This allows us the freedom to design and develop projects that are always at the forefront of innovation, unencumbered with red tape.
Additionally, Chromatic Resorts has created strategic partnerships that allow us the flexibility we need to to minimize risk on all levels. Operating in this manner ensures success now, and stability long into the future.

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship.

Elizabeth Bourgeret
Chromatic Resorts has done extensive research in not only the development of our projects, but the communication that surrounds them. Our messaging is crafted to speak to potential residents, guests, business, cities and municipalities, developers and partners. All of our messaging works in lock step with every other facet to ensure the same message and harmony as we move forward.
With proper communication in place, we’re able to reach appropriate audiences on levels that suit them best (as opposed to the shotgun method) because we want our messages to be well received, not simply pushed aside. When the right message gets to the right person, the end result is a partnership which is what our goal is with all of our offerings.


Remote work isn’t the future of work – it’s the present.

Owl Labs

CHROMATIC SURF PARKS: Best inland wave, longest ride

Surfing is one of the fastest-growing action sports in the world. At a time when this sport has begun capturing new markets and segments of the population, surf parks have been instrumental in welcoming experienced and first-time surfers together in a fun, social, non-intimidating version of ocean surfing.

Nuresh Maredia


Thousands of people are flocking to one Utah city for cheaper homes, red-rock canyon views, and conservative views.

Taylor Borden
Southern Utah: People Flock Here
Ashley Implay | 15 April 2021
The situation in St. George — a city nestled among red rocks sitting on the southwest edge of Utah — can be likened to Disneyland at spring break..
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The Rise of the Surf Park and What It Can Mean to Your Operation
Nuresh Maredia | 21 September 2021
Perhaps the largest impact on the surfing industry has come from the rise of surf parks. One of the great challenges for surfers across the world is access to waves, both geographically and in terms of quality and consistency. With the advent of man-made surf pools, many of these challenges have been resolved.
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Mary Salmonsen | May 30 2018
“The demand has been incredible,” says Greg Singleton, president of Metro Development Group. “The response from the customers has been great, and the builders are excited.”
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